Photography has many similarities with poetry. There’s not a strong relationship between the disciplines, but there is a tight one between the sensibilities. Black and white is minimalist. Poetry is just literature with the water squeezed out of it and good literature is just journalism that doesn’t grow old. This says a lotto me about what makes good photojournalism.
Larry Towell

How to Become a Photographer

Start studying the work of others and looking for something good in whatever comes into your hands: books, magazines, etc. and keep the best ones, and cut them out if you can, keep the good things and tape them to the wall next to yours, and if you can’t cut them out, open the book or magazine at the good pages and leave it open. Leave it there for weeks, months, until it speaks to you: it takes time to see, but the secret will slowly reveal itself, and eventually you will see what is good and the essence of everything.


The Leave It On The Road Custom Speedvagen

It is an honor, a privilege and a responsibility to ride these bikes across the country. They are cancer fighters, pure and simple. These bikes will help us raise awareness and funds to fight colon cancer. They were crafted of steel by Sacha White and the Vanilla Workshop in Portland, OR. We would like to say a huge thank you to Sacha, the team at the Vanilla Workshop, Rapha and all of our component sponsors at Sugar Wheelworks, Enve, Chris King, SRAM, Continental and Quarq. We cannot wait to ride across the country on these machines.

(via mypz4)